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About John

JOHN LORETAN’S early fascination on the trombone centered primarily on jazz.

CV Glimpse - John LoretanWith the encounter of Montreal’s master trombone teacher Albert Devito his trombone passion was sparked towards the approach of the classical repertoire. This opened the door to various prizes and scholarships which in turn relocated his interest to the exposure of Toronto’s multi musical diversity. This was the convincing turning point that unlocked his professional working realm with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra and solo performances with CBC radio and TV. The glorious sounds resonated across the Atlantic Ocean to station the major part of his musical endeavors in Zurich, Switzerland. It was here in the Zurich Symphony Orchestra, Opera & Chamber Orchestra that his central focus laid. Solo performances with SRF Radio & TV, teaching & master classes naturally also took part of this culturally appreciated scene.

Following his sabbatical period John has pursued selected solo & ensemble performances as well as clinical teachings in the diplomatic circles in and outside of Canada.

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Curriculum vitae

Name: John Loretan

Nationality: Canadian / Swiss

Languages: English, French, German, Swiss German


  • Diverse Solo performances
  • Capriccio Baroque Orchestra
  • Winterthur Musikkollegium Orchestra
  • Lakeside Jazz Orchestra
  • Music School Winterthur
  • Music School Andelfingen
  • Music School Dietikon
  • Schuleinheit Rychenberg


  • Solo performances in the diplomatic realm
  • Orchestre Symphonique de Gatineau
  • Private lessons, brass clinics & masterclasses

Solo experience:


  • Zurich Symphony Orchestra
  • Zurich Chamber Orchestra
  • La Chapelle Ancienne
  • Reto Parolaro Orchestra
  • Carmina String Quartet
  • GNOM: Modern Music
  • Chamber Orchestra Waedenswil

Orchestra experience:


  • Zurich Symphony Orchestra
  • Zurich Chamber Orchestra
  • Zurich Opera House



Carrasco, Chailly, Christie, Cleobury,
Domingo, Dutoit, Fischer, Fedoseyev, Fruhbeck de
Burgos, Griffith, Haitink, Harnoncourt, Jordan,
Kisscosky, Nott, Plasson, Pletnev,
Roschdestwensky, Santi, Swallisch, Solti,
Viotti, Von Dohnanyi, Weikert,
Welser-Möst, Wright, Zeitouni, Zinmann

Tours: 1988-03 Austria, Denmark, England, France,
Germany, Holland, Italy, Japan, Poland,
Switzerland, Singapore

Teaching experience:


College Hohe Promenade Zurich
College Oerlikon Zurich
College Küsnacht Zurich
College Stadelhofen Zurich